Is Your Laptop Possessed By A Computer Virus?

Before you go around blaming any ghosts or cursed email chains for your computer issues, you might need to check and see if you’ve contracted a computer virus. The dreaded computer virus is one of the most disheartening things to befall a computer, especially if it’s a computer you use every day or for your work. Luckily, Computer CPR is here to help walk you through it.  

Identifying A Virus

Not all viruses are obvious pop-ups: sometimes the virus can manifest in less conspicuous ways such as slowing down your computer in general or adding new applications and toolbars to your desktop or browser windows. If you notice your computer acting strangely, keep an eye out for any telltale signs of a virus: crashing, suspicious and persistent pop-ups, emails being sent from your accounts, or any other suspicious activity. Particularly if you have recently been on an unsecured website or clicked on a link from an unknown source, keep a look out for anything concerning… and you might try to get ahead of things by installing antivirus software.

Getting Rid Of A Computer Virus

Unfortunately, a virus can be hard to remove without running the risk of making the virus worse. Malicious software can often hide in virus removal programs, and if you don’t know what to look for it’s possible that you might make things worse. The best approach is to consult a professional antivirus team before downloading any other software. At Computer CPR, we even offer virus removal services that can get the job done for you, so you don’t have to worry about the process yourself. 

The best approach to viruses is to be preventative, so even if you aren’t dealing with a virus on your computer at the current moment, it’s always a good idea to install a trusted antivirus software onto your computer. The easiest time to stop any viruses is before it gets onto your computer, so take advantage of your internet access while you can and find a reliable antivirus protection program.

Computer Virus Causes To Watch For

A lot of the time, malware and other harmful things can find their way into your computer after a completely preventable mishap. Make sure you only click on reliable links and websites and don’t open any email attachments from suspicious sources. Make sure any programs you download are from legitimate websites and be sure to pay attention to any warnings your computer flags for you.

The ways you can protect your devices are always improving, so don’t be discouraged by the ever-evolving viruses and malware floating around the internet. One of the best things you can do is to invest in antivirus protection and antispyware software to protect against any future viruses.

Call Computer CPR For A Virus Exorcism

If you think your computer or laptop might have a virus, don’t hesitate to call our professionals at Computer CPR. Our computer experts will be able to help you remove an existing computer virus from your PC, and will also help you put measures in place to protect your computer from cyber attacks in the future. Contact us today!

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