Ignoring Your Software Updates? Not a Good Idea

KELLER, TX-We’re all victims of it. We power on our tablets, smartphones and laptops with no intent of taking the time to download the latest update.

But then we see that little icon perched in the system tray, nagging us until we open it.

You may wonder, “Why do I have to do this now? I don’t have time to restart my computer just so a trivial update can download.”

Even though it’s rarely on our to-do list, software updates remain one of the most imperative tasks when managing an operating system. When software companies release these pieces of software, they do so as a service to users. Updates address security vulnerabilities, contain bug fixes and enhance the overall product.
Aside from waiting a few minutes for the install to take place, we don’t have to do anything other than enable the update.

Some may still say, “But my computer runs perfectly fine and I haven’t run my updates in a long time. What makes these so important?”

In simple terms, when you ignore your updates, your system instantly becomes open to infections, malware and other cyberattacks.

The easiest method to manage your updates efficiently is to be patient enough for the software to do the work on its own. Many operating systems and software programs can be configured to automatically download the updates for you. Just to be safe, launch ‘Windows Update’ inside the ‘Control Panel.’ Select the ‘Change Settings’ option and be sure you choose ‘Install updates automatically (recommended)’ under ‘Important Updates.’

Keep in mind that if you absolutely can’t accept an update at a certain time, that you are provided the option to delay it for several minutes to several hours. Similar to computers, software updates carry great importance with mobile devices as well. Known as ‘firmware updates,’ these also ensure optimal performance and enhanced security.

At Computer CPR, our professional staff offers the best home PC support in the area. We even specialize in the latest computer updates because we know how vital these are to your operating system. And if by chance you have already run into issues because you may have put off your updates, we provide virus removal, system cleanup and laptop repair either in our store or at your location.

Computer CPR is a trusted provider of computer support and repair in the Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, Fort Worth and Southlake areas. Please contact our office to learn more.

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