Computer CPR is not just an IT support and cybersecurity business serving Euless; it’s a passion that took root in 2007 when our founder, Michael Young, realized he couldn’t sit still at his corporate desk job any longer. Michael had a dream – to provide top-notch information technology support to local businesses in Euless. He brought that dream to life with a simple logo sketch. Michael started by hanging posters in nearby neighborhoods and ran the company from his home. As word spread about his exceptional computer services and customer care, Computer CPR quickly outgrew the Young household and moved to its current location in Southlake.

At Computer CPR, we believe in the power of knowledge, which is why we strive to answer your most common questions about IT and cybersecurity. We understand that informed customers make the best decisions. So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

IT Maintenance & Cyberattack Prevention

At Computer CPR, we’re a family of professionally trained IT consultants and computer experts, dedicated to putting our technology talents to work for you. If you’re in the Fort Worth metropolitan area, we’ve got you covered.

Enhancing Your Cybersecurity and Providing Expert IT Support

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. We’re committed to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and expert IT support. Our team understands the evolving landscape of threats and is equipped to safeguard your business and data.

Expert Computer Repair in Euless

We take immense pride in being the go-to computer repair company in Southlake, trusted by both residential and commercial clients. With our exceptional computer repair services, you can count on us to diagnose and fix a wide range of computer issues efficiently.


In an era where data breaches and cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, Computer CPR’s cybersecurity services are your fortress. We help companies protect their data, networks, devices, staff, and proprietary information. Discover how we can fortify your digital defenses and keep your business safe from cyber threats.

Residential IT Services

We’re not just here for businesses; we also offer residential IT services. If you’re facing computer-related problems at home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you need help troubleshooting issues or advice on setting up your home network, we’re here to assist you.

Business IT Services

Our comprehensive IT support services cater to businesses of all sizes. We provide dedicated IT services to our clients, offering troubleshooting assistance and on-site IT support. Running a business is challenging, and we’re here to make it easier by providing affordable, off-site IT support and the infrastructure needed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Remote Computer Support

We understand that computer problems can strike at any time, which is why we offer remote computer support. If you’re facing issues and need quick problem-solving, give us a call. No matter where you are, we can remotely assist you in resolving your computer-related challenges.

At Computer CPR, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled IT support, expert computer repair, and robust cybersecurity solutions for businesses and individuals in Euless. With a team of trained professionals and a commitment to your safety, we aim to be your trusted technology partner.

Our core values revolve around customer satisfaction, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. When you choose Computer CPR, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re choosing a dedicated team that will go above and beyond to meet your technology needs.

Why Choose Computer CPR in Euless?

Expertise: Our team comprises professionals with bachelor’s degrees in the computer technology field. This expertise ensures that you receive top-quality service.

Transparency: We believe in being honest and transparent with our clients. You’ll never encounter hidden fees or surprise charges with us.

Dedication: Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and provide a tailored solution.

Safety: Safety is at the core of our business. Our mission is to keep you, your family, and your business safe.

Fast and Efficient: We value your time. Our team works quickly to install and repair systems, ensuring you’re back to your normal schedule as soon as possible.

Client Testimonials

Our clients have had exceptional experiences with Computer CPR. R. Mitchell praised our rapid response and problem-solving. Kim Jones commended our user-friendly system and responsive customer service. L.H. expressed their complete satisfaction with our professional and responsive organization.

Andy Hollenshead shared a story of our system’s reliability during an attempted break-in, highlighting the effectiveness of our alarm system. Ileana Wilson was pleased with the service provided by our technician, Brandon. Julie Pittman found our services affordable, knowledgeable, and our customer service exceptional. Chad Kowalcyk was 100% satisfied with our technician, Phillip’s work.

We have a Google rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 31 reviews, further demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Smart Home Systems

Our innovative 360 Alarm smart home system is a popular choice for homeowners. This system allows you to access camera footage from your phone, arm or disarm the system remotely, and even adjust your thermostat while away from home. It’s an ideal choice for families with children or pets, allowing you to monitor your home’s security and make adjustments from anywhere.

Computer CPR is here to elevate your IT and cybersecurity needs to new heights. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our dedicated team is here to provide solutions tailored to your requirements. We understand the evolving landscape of technology, and our mission is to keep you safe in a world connected by digital threads.

Contact Us Today!

For unbeatable IT support, expert computer repair, and robust cybersecurity solutions, contact Computer CPR today at 817-915-0111. We’re here to provide you with the best-in-class technology services and protect what matters most to you.

With Computer CPR, you’re not just a customer; you’re a part of our extended family, and your safety is our top priority. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of unmatched IT support and cybersecurity solutions.

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