3 Cyber Security Tips For Christmas

Cyber security is probably not one of the first things you think about when the holidays roll around. You’re probably online looking for great deals or deciding what upgrades you want to put on your Christmas list. When you open a gift to find a new laptop or smartphone, choosing a new wallpaper or fun exterior case is a much more common first move than installing malware protection. Unfortunately, cyber security is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Computer CPR is here to give you a few cyber security tips to keep you safe this holiday season!

Avoid Pop-Ups and Suspicious Links

Ads and mini web pages that pop up on your screen are strong indicators that something fishy might be going on. If the pop-ups aren’t directly related to actions you’ve made personally, it’s a good idea to exit out of the site altogether. Similarly, never click on a link that might lead to an untrustworthy website. If you don’t have an existing familiarity with the site you’re on, it’s good practice to always be weary of anything that could take you to another online location.

Watch Out For Scams

Around the holidays, scammers know that people are going to be online looking for great deals on Christmas gifts, charities to give to, or fun events to attend. Make sure you don’t fall prey to any of these scams by staying aware of what emails you open and what websites you visit. Always air on the side of caution when it comes to any email from an unknown or suspicious sender, especially when those emails include linkss or request credit card information. 

Social media should also be something to watch out for. Some scammers seem to be legit because they present themselves through Instagram or Facebook rather than email. If you get any unknown followers or friend requests this holiday season, make sure you only allow trusted accounts to have access to your information. Just like on your email account, never click on links that lead to any unknown websites.

Don’t Connect To Unknown WiFi 

When you’re out and about, perhaps shopping in a mall or waiting in an airport, you’ll likely have the opportunity to connect to many unknown WiFi hotspots. While this can be a tempting way to preserve your data usage and device battery, be warned that unknown WiFi connections can lead to dangerous cyber security risks. Through this connection, scammers and other types of malware can have access to your phone or laptop. It’s a good idea to only connect to known and trusted networks, and preserve your cellular data usage for times that no secure network is found. 

Call Computer CPR For All Your Computer Help

When all else fails, Computer CPR is here to help you out with any viruses or software issues. If you’ve experienced any computer problems this holiday season, we have the team that can step up and get things back on track. Call Computer CPR for more information!

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