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Data Recovery

Accidentally clicked that “delete” button? Don’t fret- call the professionals at Computer CPR to recover lost data from a crashed hard drive or a mouse slip-up. Most of the time, we are able to retrieve your lost information. The sooner you call the better since timely notice helps increase the chance we have to reunite you with your data. Don’t risk it. Call the Fort Worth area data recovery experts at Computer CPR immediately following a hard drive meltdown.


Network Administration

Computer CPR’s network administrators implement and manage computer systems to ensure optimal workplace performance. A well-functioning digital infrastructure can boost your business to a heightened level of professionalism and productivity, so don’t trust just anyone to run your company’s technology systems.

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Virus Removal

A leading cause of hard drive crashes, viruses plague computers by dramatically slowing down operating systems and even harming personal files. Computer CPR’s Southlake IT consultants possess the know-how to rid PCs of dangerous viruses and restore the hard drive. If your computer seems sluggish, a virus could be to blame. Rely on Computer CPR for comprehensive virus removal.

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Whether the hour calls Mac repair or PC repair, whether you need hard drive data recovery or remote IT support. No matter wherever you are, Computer CPR is the name to trust!

Computer CPR: Your Source for Computer Repair

Maybe you’re right in the middle of an important project. Perhaps you work from home, and your computer is your office and your livelihood. Maybe you rely on your PC or Mac to keep in touch with distant relatives or friends. Whatever the case may be, a broken computer can destroy your plans.

Computer problems have only become more frustrating and interruptive now that so much of our daily lives rely on technology. In fact, Nielsen states that the average American adult spends up to 11 hours each day on electronic gadgets. From shopping to communicating with colleagues to completing our work, computers are the center of our daily lives, and it can be disastrous when they stop working properly.

At Computer CPR, we understand how maddening a malfunctioning computer can be because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Today, our skilled team works to alleviate your computer-related frustration by offering fast, comprehensive Fort Worth computer repair. From laptop repair to data recovery, we do it all.

At Computer CPR, our mission is to empower clients with the best technology, training, security and support possible to grease the gears of productivity and burden them with as little technical detail as needed about their computers and IT systems.

– Michael Young, founder and owner of Computer CPR

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Business IT Support

  • Free initial consultation
  • Network support
  • Server administration
  • Data recovery
  • Remote support
  • Workstation sales
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Home PC Support

  • Virus removal
  • Computer updates
  • System cleanup
  • Wireless network
  • In-store & On Location service
  • Laptop repair
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Apple Repair

  • Hardware replacement
  • Repair Mac computers
  • Replace faulty hard drives
  • Aged batteries issues
  • Install memory modules
  • Operating system upgrades
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New Computer Sales

  • Hand built by us
  • Tested to ensure satisfaction
  • One year warranty
  • Lifetime hardware diagnosis
  • Many upgrade options
  • Windows 7 still available
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Computer Repair Services in Fort Worth & Southlake

The Origins of Computer CPR

Like all good things, Computer CPR arose from a personal need.

In 2007, there was a 26-year-old Computer Science graduate itching to dump his desk job and offer laptop and computer repair services, instead. Ten years later, the company he created, Computer CPR, is busy supplying clients with the comprehensive computer solutions they need to boost productivity and enjoy a successful, efficient workplace or home office.

Today, we aim to simplify our customers’ operations by streamlining technology systems. We serve more than 45 businesses, helping each of them maintain digital infrastructure functionality and avoid the headaches that come with malfunctioning computers.

Our Fort Worth Computer Support Services

When you hire someone for Fort Worth data recovery or Keller computer repair, you want to know that person is a professional. At Computer CPR, we understand how critical that trust is. As such, all our consultants possess, at the minimum, a bachelor’s degree in the computer technology field.

What’s more, every one of them is highly qualified to install and repair a variety of computer systems.

Have any questions or need any help?  Fill out the form below, and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you.

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